Product Description
The product has various compatibility and control modes, which can switch between pulse and continuous mode, and simultaneously handle the.processing tasks of two different lasers The pulse width waveform is flexible and adjustable, the heat dissipation isfast, and the electro-optical conversion rate is over 30%, which is another option for the long pulse width , high peak power applications. Main Feature: 1. High beam quality; 2. Alternative lamp pump lasers; 3. High photoelectric conversion efficiency; 4. Pulse and continuous working modes; 5. High pulse power, stable power, and high peak power.
Sample Show
Stainless Steel Plate Drilling
Battery Electrode Welding
Battery Pole Welding
Shrapnel Welding
Electronic Components Precision Welding
Battery Welding
Ceramic Cutting
Precision Spot Welding
Industry Applications
Telecommunications Industry
Communication jumper / cable / optical cable marking
Industry Applications
Sheet Metal Processing
Cutting and welding of steel plates and tubes
Industry Applications
Construction Material
Laser cutting of construction iron frames, cutting of doors and windows, cleaning of rust on iron frames, welding of iron frames
Industry Applications
Laser cleaning of ships, laser cutting / welding of hulls
Industry Applications
Home Appliance Manufacturing
Sink / faucet / kitchenware stainless steel cutting and welding,Kitchenware panel character / graphic marking
Industry Applications
Advertising Industry
Cutting and welding of metal billboards / advertising stands. Advertising character marking
Industry Applications
3C Consumer Electronics
Character marking for accessories such as mobile phones / tablets / computers and charging heads, internal antenna / middle board / camera welding. Volume hole perforation
Industry Applications
Rail Transit
Rail rust laser cleaning, rail parts cutting, rail joint welding
Industry Applications
Scientific Research
The laser illuminates the object, and the internal structure emits changes. Laser irradiation promotes physical / chemical reactions of materials, laser fusion
Industry Applications
Mechanical Equipment
Equipment parts cutting, laser cleaning equipment stains, equipment parts welding together
Industry Applications
Medical Instruments
Marking with forceps and scalpel,Medical equipment parts welding
Industry Applications
Auto paint laser cleaning, repainting, car body welding, car body cutting, car interior control interface / button marking
Industry Applications
Power Battery
Power battery tab cutting / welding, battery shell / pole / explosion valve welding
Industry Applications
Laser scribing of solar panels
Industry Applications
Chip number marking, chip scribing, laser trimming
Industry Applications
Clocks Watches
Dial / back cover character / graphic marking, watch hands / gear / cutting
Industry Applications
Fine marking / scribing of semiconductor device characters
Product Parameters
Model MFSQ-150/1500W
CW Mode Max Power 250W
Pulsed Mode Max Power 1500W
Mode of Operation CW/Modulated
Polarization Random
Power Tunability 10 to 100%
Wavelength 1080 ± 10 nm
Power Stability 2%
Laser Beam Quality M² 1.3(20um)
Pulse Energy 15 J
Pulse Duration 0.1~50 ms
Repetition Rate 1~5000 Hz
Preview Red Light Power 100 μW
Interface QBH (LOC)
Length 10 m standard, other lengths optional
Diameter 20/50 μm
Bending Radius 200 mm
Supply Voltage 220VAC
Rated Power 3 KW
Operating Temperature +10 to +40℃
Storage Temperature -10 to +60℃
Humidity 10 to 85%
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Dimension 586×420×142 mm
Weight 34 kg
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