Product Description
High-power fiber-coupled diode laser systems have higher electrooptical conversion efficiency more than 45%, more compact size and more competitive price than fiber lasers. The laser output through the conductive fiber, suitable for using with the automation equipment, to achieve flexible laser processing. These features make high-power fiber-coupled diode laser system perfect for metal materials apllications suchas cladding, brazing and surface heat treatment.
High Utilization
Short wavelength, high laser absorption rate of metal
Excellent Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency
Energy saving and environmental protection, the EOCE of the whole machine reaches more than 45%
High Power Density with Flat-top Distribution
Laser spot energy evenly distributed, improve processing effect
High Level Vertical Integration
All key components are designed and produced in house
Strict quality control, high consistency and reliability
Sample Show
Laser Quenching
Laser Brazing
Laser Cladding
Inner Hole Cladding
Industry Applications
Telecommunications Industry
Communication jumper / cable / optical cable marking
Industry Applications
Sheet Metal Processing
Cutting and welding of steel plates and tubes
Industry Applications
Construction Material
Laser cutting of construction iron frames, cutting of doors and windows, cleaning of rust on iron frames, welding of iron frames
Industry Applications
Laser cleaning of ships, laser cutting / welding of hulls
Industry Applications
Home Appliance Manufacturing
Sink / faucet / kitchenware stainless steel cutting and welding,Kitchenware panel character / graphic marking
Industry Applications
Petrochemical Industry
(Welding and cutting of petroleum pipelines), laser cleaning of pipelines
Industry Applications
Scientific Research
The laser illuminates the object, and the internal structure emits changes. Laser irradiation promotes physical / chemical reactions of materials, laser fusion
Industry Applications
3D printing metal parts inside the aircraft, laser cleaning and refurbishment of aircraft engines / airframes
Industry Applications
Fine marking / scribing of semiconductor device characters
Product Parameters
Models MD-1000W MD-1500W MD-2000W MD-2500W
Nominal Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 2500W
Mode of Operation CW/Modulated
Polarization Random
Power Tunability 10 to 100%
Wavelength 920 ± 10 nm
975 ± 10 nm
Power Stability ±1 %
Laser Beam Quality, BPP 20~22 mm*mrad(200μm)
25~28 mm*mrad(300μm)
30~33 mm*mrad(400μm)
Modulation Frequency ≤20 KHz
Preview red light power 150 μW
Interface QBH
Length 15m standard, other lengths optional
Diameter 200 μm 300 μm 400 μm
Bending Radius 200 mm
Supply Voltage 380 VAC
Operating Temperature +10 to +40℃
Storage temperature -10 to +60℃
Humidity 10 to 85%
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Cooling Medium Distilled water/ Glycol Antifreeze
Dimension 800×482.6×192 mm
Weight 58(±3) kg

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