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Maxphotonics Shines at The 17th China International Machine Tool Show

On April 12, the 17th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) in Beijing.

This exhibition is one of the four major international machine tool exhibitions and is a showcase platform of the latest achievements in modern equipment manufacturing technology. Laser processing equipment as an important tool for industrial upgrading and intelligent manufacturing will surely become the focus of the exhibition.

As the Chinese largest energy industrial base and a key area for heavy industrial manufacturing, North China is also a battleground for magnates in the 10kW class laser market. Compared with other regions, North China's plate production capacity is second only to East China. The steel industry chain and plate industry foundation are relatively complete. They are generally full-process steel companies. At present, medium and thick plates are mainly used in construction, machinery, shipbuilding, energy and other industries, while there are many heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises and shipyards in North China, which is an area where medium and thick plates are widely used.

2020 is the year when Maxphotonics 10kW class fiber laser market broke out, and it is also a year when Maxphotonics' strategic partner Bodor Laser has led the domestic market for large-scale growth of the domestic 10kW class equipment market.

Under the strategic cooperation between the two parties, a total of 8 10kW class machine exchange meetings and 18 10kW class new machine delivery ceremonies were held. More domestic companies have also begun to enter the 10kW class market, which has also opened up a brand-new development path for the domestic 10kW class laser cutting market.

At this stage, air cutting 8-16mm carbon steel plate accounts for 70% of the daily processing volume, of which 15000W is mainly used in air cutting within 10mm carbon steel, and 20000W is mainly used in air cutting within 14mm carbon steel. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, 30000W is mainly used for full power air cutting of carbon steel within 20mm. It is planned to introduce 40000W for air cutting of carbon steel within 30mm to replace the current plasma processing. 30000W and 40000W will gradually become the main cutting force.


30kW Cutting 20mm Carbon Steel (Gas: Air Speed: 4.5m/min)                    30kW Batch Cutting 20mm Carbon Steel (Gas: Air)          

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