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Maxphotonics 12kW Single Module won the Golden Shining Award

The 2021 China Laser Golden Shining Award Ceremony, jointly organized by Shanghai Munich Optical Fair, "China Laser Industry" magazine, OFweek, "laser world", "metal processing", etc., was grandly held in Shanghai.

We are proud to announce that Maxphotonics 12kW single module CW fiber laser won the Golden Shining Award! The results of this selection were voted on by industry users online, and a jury composed of authoritative experts in the laser field, entrepreneurs, universities and research institutes invited by the organizer to conduct on-site evaluations, the selected products are undoubtedly in technology or application very forward-looking, innovative and industry-leading.

Maxphotonics 12kW single module CW fiber laser

The 12kW fiber laser that Maxphotonics won this time is the highest single module CW fiber laser in China. 42% reduction in volume, 34% reduction in weight. 10m fiber cable length, which can be directly placed on the equipment beam.

In addition, compared with other brand 12kW single module fiber laser, Maxphotonics single module 12kW CW fiber laser has better beam quality BPP<1.5 (The minimum can reach 1.2mm.mrad), standard 50μm core diameter (100/150/200 optional), more suitable for precision cutting, lower processing cost, and according to different applications to realize the optional fiber core size.

In addition to research and development of various optical components, this product also has patents for the overall structural design of the whole machine, the position of the optical path structure and the circuit path structure, the heat dissipation of the whole machine, the setting and direction distribution of the optical fiber tray, and the modular design. It can meet the needs of different heating units and component installation space and widely used in metal drilling, cutting, and welding fields such as new energy, 3C, and precision machining.

Technical Parameter
Characteristic parameterMaxphotonicsOther BrandUnit
Output power1200012000W
Beam quality (BPP)1.2-1.6≥2.5mm·mrad
Output fiber core50
(100/150/200 optional)

Maxphotonics deployed single module lasers ahead of other peers. From 2018, Maxphotonics launched 3kW single module, 4kW single module in 2019, 6kW single module in 2020 and applied to 40kW multi module, refreshing the highest record of domestic single modules all the way. The 12kW single module developed in the second half of last year is another masterpiece of Maxphotonics in responding to focusing on the source technology of core components.

At present, the pump source (first-class chip), pump combiner (coupling efficiency>98%), and high power stripper (stable stripping capability>1500W) used in single module fiber lasers have technical indicators comparable to those of overseas brands.

The single module 12kW has set the goal of "improving efficiency" from the beginning of the project. According to the data obtained from the customer side, Maxphotonics 12kW single module can reach the effect of 20kW multi module under certain processing conditions.

On March 16, the 1st China Laser Listed Companies Summit and Laser Leaders Conference was held in Shanghai at the same time. Well-known domestic laser companies all took the stage to explain their experience of becoming a large company and their views on the future. Maxphotonics was invited to participate in this event. Michael Zeng, Director of Maxphotonics marketing department gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Maxphotonics - The Pioneer of the Chinese 10,000W Class Fiber Laser Industry".

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