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Maxphotonics Q-Switch Pulsed Fiber Laser 30W-50W Realize Wider Application

The Q-switch pulsed fiber laser has the advantages of high single pulse energy, compact structure, and easy operation which can satisfy most material processing applications, it is widely used in industry, communications, 3C, new energy and other fields, the technology is mature, the structure scheme is simple, and it is more cost-effective.

Maxphotonics has been studying Q-switch technology from the beginning of establishment, has a deep Q-switch technology precipitation and a world-leading market share, and continuously improves, optimizes and upgrades Q-switch laser products in the development process.
At the same time, Maxphotonics has launched different series of Q-switch lasers for different user needs.

Three product advantages, highlighting technical strength

1. More models for same power to meet customer needs.

SeriesModelAverage power (W)

Frequency range


Maximum single pulse energy (mJ)


2. More size options for same power to meet different structure equipment and applications.

Standard(20-70W)345*266*120mm        Small size(20-30W)287*219*95mm

Suitable for industrial cabinet equipment       Suitable for civilian desktop and mobile devices

3. H series, with standard red beam, precise instructions, avoid the thermal lens zoom point problem of the external beam combining lens.

激光输出头:Laser output head
指示红光:Indicating red beam

Four major application cases, highlighting broad prospects

1. The H series is with larger single pulse energy, higher peak power, wider frequency range, stronger metal engraving ability, and larger marking area.

Application scenarios: molds, signs, hardware accessories

Compared with traditional corrosion and pneumatic marking methods, laser metal engraving has the advantages of high efficiency, pollution-free, high precision, flexible engraving, and can meet complex engraving processes. Therefore, it has become the preferred process of modern metal engraving.

Frequency Range25-80kHz30-60kHz35-170kHz50-170kHz
Maximum single pulse energy1.2mJ1mJ1.5mJ1mJ
Peak power15kw10kw15kw10kw
Red beamYesNoYesNo

50H Engraving ability

stainless steel                                                   brass                                                      aluminum    

Summary: Through the engraving test of stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, the engraving ability of 50H (high single pulse energy) is 18% higher than standard type 50W.

Engraving effect

stainless steel                                                        brass                                                             aluminum    

▲Laser engraving effect

2. H series, clearer stainless steel black marking effect, and larger marking area.

Application scenarios: marking patterns, QR codes, scales on tableware, kitchenware, utensils, etc. made of stainless steel

Stainless steel laser black marking has become a recognized ideal processing scheme in the marking field because of its permanent and clear marking, beautiful appearance, and high efficiency and environmental protection. It has gradually replaced silk screen printing, ink printing, stamping, and electric corrosion.

▲Marking on stainless steel cylinder

▲Customized tableware laser black marking

3.50W high frequency (170kHz), marking the shape of fish scales on the middle plate of the mobile phone can improve the efficiency of conductive position.

Application Scenario: Marking the conductive position of the middle frame of the mobile phone

The conductive position is the surface insulation of the metal frame of the mobile phone after oxidation treatment. According to the position of the signal transmission requirement, the laser strips the oxide layer at the corresponding position. The position where the oxide layer is stripped is the conductive position, installed different components on it which can realize circuit intercommunication.

Normal conductive position    Final fish scale conductive position    Polishing effect

Advantages of high frequency polishing: double the efficiency

Process parameter comparison

Maxphotonics high frequency Q 50WOther company Q 50W
Speed (mm/s)1000500
Frequency (kHz)17080
Filling density (mm)0.010.01
Field lens: F=330mm

4.50H high single pulse energy (1.5mJ), inductance coil stripping is more efficient.

Application scenario: circuit

The inductance coil is a common electronic component in the circuit, which can play the role of filtering and oscillation. When there is no current passing, it has a blocking function; when there is a current, it can keep the current constant. Because the smaller the gap of turn pitch, the more consistent the direction of the magnetic field lines generated by each turn, the stronger the magnetism, and the stripping can ensure that the gap is minimized.

▲Before stripping the coil end      ▲After the coil ends are stripped                                        ▲Tin on coil end                                

Process parameters
Laser typeMFP-50HFilling density0.03mm
Frequency35KhzStripping methodHigh energy stripping 2 times + cleaning 1 time

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