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Maxphotonics New MOPA Pulsed M Series Launched

Pulsed laser technology is an important breakthrough in the history of laser development. It is also a technology that Maxphotonics has begun to study in the early days of its establishment, laid an important foundation for the later product development. The shipment volume of Maxphotonics pulsed products has always been among the top in the world, which can be widely used in marking, engraving, cleaning, precision cutting/welding, etc., and has played a vital role in the upgrading and development of manufacturing.

In order to meet the needs of more high-end manufacturing, Maxphotonics’ products are also continuously optimized and improved. Now, the MOPA pulsed M series products are officially launched, the single pulse energy, beam quality, and peak power have been significantly improved, wider frequency, more pulse waveforms which can meet the needs of more high-end precision machining applications.

Pulsed fiber lasers can be divided into two types from the structural scheme: Q-switch and MOPA. Q-switch pulsed laser are relatively simple in structure and cost-effective, which can meet most marking applications. MOPA pulsed laser are relatively complex in structure, but with more flexible control and more functions, which are suitable for higher-end precision marking.

Q-Switch: The acousto-optic Q switch compresses the output continuous laser energy into a very narrow pulse and emits it. (the pulse width is relatively fixed)

MOPA: (Master Oscillator Power-Amplifier) The seed signal light and pump light with high beam quality are coupled into the double-clad fiber through a certain method to amplify, so as to achieve high power amplification of the seed light source (pulse width can be adjusted) )

Product highlights and application advantages of the new MOPA pulsed M series:

1. Single Pulse Energy Increase

MFPT-20M  ↑16%        MFPT-30M↑ ↑49%
MFPT-50M↑  ↑50%       MFPT-70M↑ ↑30%

PowerModelMaximum single pulse energy(mJ)

Application advantages: The laser energy is mainly affected by the average power and the single pulse energy. With the same power fiber laser, the new MOPA pulsed M series has higher single pulse energy, brings stronger processing capacity (energy), and meets the larger processing range.

2. Better Beam Quality

MFPT-20M  M²:Old 1.45 → New ≤1.3      
MFPT-30M  M²:Old 1.6 →New ≤1.3
MFPT-50M  M²:Old 1.45 → New ≤1.4          
MFPT-70M  M²:Old 1.6 → New ≤1.5

Application advantages: better beam quality, smaller focus spot, more concentrated energy, which perfectly embodies the MOPA precision processing ability. It can process finer patterns, the thermal effect of precision cutting is smaller, and the section is smoother.

3. More pulse width modes

MFPT-30M +11 Pulse width modes
MFPT-50M +5 Pulse width modes
MFPT-70M +5 Pulse width modes

PowerModel Pulse width(ns)

Application advantages: Compared with Q-switch, MOPA have a wider processing capability, which is mainly reflected in a wider pulse width and more pulse width waveform options. Small pulse width, the laser energy output is more refined, can meet the surface processing without hand-feel effect, such as stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide black markind. Large pulse width, suitable for high-energy processing applications such as metal engraving and plating stripping. More choice of pulse wide, more parameters that customers can debug, provide more possibilities for processing different materials and different effects.

4. Better power linearity

Application advantages: The output laser power and the external control set power percentage maintain perfect linearity, which can ensure accurate control of low power energy below 50%. The power set by the customer is approximately 1:1 with the actual output power of the laser. For sensitive material processing, the power adjustability is more friendly and the optimal power window is wider.

5. First Pulse Effective

Application advantages: Generally, the pulse energy output by the laser at the starting position is relatively low, which will cause the processing effect of the emitting position to be inconsistent with the overall position. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the emitting delay, which will reduce the processing efficiency.
Maxphotonics new M series MOPA fiber laser can flexibly adjust the first pulse energy of the laser output through the host computer software to ensure that all laser pulse points have the same energy and the overall processing effect is consistent, reducing the emitting delay and improving processing efficiency.

6. New host computer software

For the M series products, Maxphotonics R&D team also upgraded and optimized the laser internal control software, easier to operation and more convenient for users, and the information status is displayed intuitively.

Application advantages: MOPA new host computer software has functions such as emit laser control, laser status monitoring, default laser parameter setting, etc. The laser is controlled through internal control software, which is convenient for after-sales judgment of laser equipment problems and solve problems more effectively. Laser status information is displayed on the software interface in real time , the users can know the operating status of the product more clearly, and notify the laser abnormal alarm in advance. The default laser parameter setting can realize the simultaneous use of internal and external control, the default parameters are set internally, and the external control can output laser according to the required laser parameters only by switch signals. simpler laser control and more suitable for simple control of automation equipment.

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