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Maxphotonics Shines at South China International Industry Fair

On October 12-15, 2020, South China International Industry Fair was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. This exhibition is the most influential laser and optoelectronic industry exhibition in South China.

This year, Maxphotonics brought a variety of new products to the exhibition including the latest 40,000W multi module CW fiber laser, 6000W single module CW fiber laser and dual-wavelength composite welding laser.

During the exhibition, Dapeng Laser signed an order for 2 fiber laser cutting machines on the spot, Maxphotonics was matched, and the products were once again recognized by customers and end-users. In addition, equipment exhibitors such as Hymson Laser, Baisheng Laser, Smartprima, Uklaser all equipped Maxphotonics’ laser for display at the exhibition.

Maxphotonics always adheres to "customer-centric" and regards market recognition as the standard for testing products. Only by listening to the market can we continue to improve products and upgrade technology.

Maxphotonics was founded in Shenzhen, over the years, we have continued to increase R&D investment and continuously innovated in products and technology. The released multi module 10,000 watt-level CW laser series has filled the gap in the domestic fiber laser field, and strongly promoted the rapid development of Chinese laser industry, and has been recognized by the industry and relevant government departments.

On the first day of the exhibition, Mutang Zhou, Second-Level Inspector of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhigang Liu, Director of Equipment Industry Division of Guangdong Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, Huo Shao, Secretary-General of China Laser Industry Association, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Optical Society, Shaoji Jiang, Professor of Sun Yat-sen University and other relevant leaders inspected Maxphotonics booth and Listened to the report by Michael Zeng, Director of Maxphotonics Marketing Department, learned in detail the development of Maxphotonics, market promotion and application of 10,000 watt-level laser products.

The leaders affirmed the development and encouraged Maxphotonics to continue to promote technological innovation in China's laser industry, and strive to be the vanguard of promoting the development of China's laser industry.

During the exhibition, the "LMN 2020 China Laser Cultural and Creative Art Design Competition" sponsored by the Guangdong Laser Industry Association and the China Laser Industry Association will showcase the finalists on the spot.

The "Hundred Years Goal" created by Maxphotonics entered the final after being screened in the preliminary and semi-finals, and won the recognition of many professional judges in the finals of the exhibition and won the silver medal of the competition.

The "Hundred Years Goal" mainly uses brass and stainless steel plates which are made and assembled by laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, and other technologies. The number "100" is 40mm stainless steel cuts with Maxphotonics 12000W fiber laser.

The exhibition is based in South China and radiates across the country. South China is an important area for Chinese laser production, laser processing technology, and product applications. Maxphotonics, which is rooted in the South China laser industry core area, will make full use of the regional advantages and strengthen our technology and product competitiveness. A single spark of Chinese 10,000 watt-level laser will develop into a prairie fire in the global laser industry!

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