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Maxphotonics Leads China's Power Into the CIIF Expo

The CIIF exhibition finally came to a perfect end. From the client, product, and sales side, Maxphtonics have obtained many outstanding achievements.

Maxphotonics has always practiced the customer-centered service tenet. In the CIIF expo, our new and old customers have displayed 10,000 watt-level CW fiber lasers to support Maxphotonics’ products and services with practical actions. More than 10 customers exhibited Maxphotonics 10,000W CW fiber lasers, and 3 of them showed Maxphotonics 20,000W CW fiber lasers.

We have received full of praise from customers:

The 10,000 watt-level CW fiber laser at this exhibition has become the mainstream. I fully feel the rapid development of Maxphotonics and I believe Maxphotonics will develop better and better in the future and occupy the commanding heights of the ultra high power CW fiber laser market. ——Customers from Shandong, North China


China's laser cutting equipment has achieved rapid development. We must be at the forefront. This is inseparable from Maxphotonics' strong support for our company. ——Customers from Sichuan, Central China


I saw Maxphotonics' booth showing the strength of self-made core components which made me more confident. This is the basis for the stable performance of Maxphotonics fiber laser products. ——Customers from Jiangsu, East China


The dual-wavelength hybrid welding laser released by Maxphotonics this time is the first in the industry. It can output two different wavelengths of laser at the same time in a single fiber which is very remarkable. It is equivalent to a laser that achieves the performance of two lasers! ——Customers from Shanghai


Maxphotonics’ influence is getting bigger and bigger, and many big and well-known companies at the exhibition are using Maxphptonics lasers, and the quality is getting more and more stable. ——Customers from Zhejiang, East China


Maxphotonics’ booth is in an excellent location, and the booth effect is outstanding. The products and services are getting better and better in the industry. ——Customers from Guangdong, South China

On the eve of the CIIF, Maxphotonics 40000W multi module CW fiber laser won the "Veco Cup OFweek2020 Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award"

Maxphotonics 40000W and 20000W (100μm)

Maxphotonics elite sales teams from East China, North China, Central China, South China, etc., are well-dressed and warmly received. During the expo, Smart Prima, Hymson Laser, and Bodor Laser (equipped with Maxphotonics 20000W) completed the contract and received new orders for 5 sets of 15000W and 1 set of 20000W (equipped with Maxphotonics).

One of the customers came directly to Maxphotonics booth to place an order for 20000W fiber laser. Up to now, the order amount of Maxphotonics 20000W laser has reached 50+, and is still being updated!

In addition, during the expo, some of the equipment vendors demonstrated on-site 10000 watt-level laser used in 10000 watt-level equipment, and Maxphotonics accounted for 80% of domestic10000 watt-level lasers. It can be seen that Maxphotonics 10,000-watt laser has been highly recognized by the market.

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