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Handheld Laser Cleaning Solution

Fully enclosed external optical path system, combined with special mode of laser, the high-energy pulse laser collected in the surface of object,with the principles of plasma blasting,high energy pulse excitation and complex photochemical reactions, and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam to achieve cleaning. The whole process is controlled by the computer according to the program.

Product features

High energy pulsed laser focusing on the surface of object to simulate plasma, continuous irradiation of high-energy plasma instantaneous formation and expansion,resulting in a series of tiny explosions, formating plasma blasting, finally achieve the relativel smooth corrosive layer of boject surface to physical blasting burst, and move through the high speed laser spot to form a plume that will clean the debris to complete the cleaning. Mainly used in metal rust.

High energy pulsed laser socusing on the surface of object,dirty rust and other irregular structure and dark surface absorpt the laser energy and plasma energy formated by metal surface, is instantaneous vaporization from the base metal. Mainly used in the mold cleaning and cultural relics repair and other industries.

For the paint and the surface of the chemical coating and special process, based on the surface and the base material has different absorption and damage threshold on laser, laser destruct the surface coating after focusing, after air contact, there are a series of complex photochemical reactions, oxidation, The final reaction product is in the form of gas discharge, the special mode of the laser below the masterbatch damage threshold, can peel off the coating, do not hurt the base material. Mainly used for paint removal and coating stripping.

Product parameters

CharacteristicsTest ConditionMin. ValueTypical Value
Max. ValueUnit
Operation ModePulse
Laser Beam ModeCustomized for cleaning
Output Power
100% output power
Power Tuanble Range
Central Wavelength
100% output power106010641068nm

100% output power80100

100% output power
Total Consumption
  480W (AC110V or 220V)
 Forced air 

Product video

Samples display

  • Oil cleaning Oil cleaning
  • Laser cleaning Laser cleaning
  • Aluminum oxide cleaning Aluminum oxide cleaning
  • Carbon steel rust removal Carbon steel rust removal

Consult now

Consult now

Application industry

  • The oil industry The oil industryThe optical fiber laser sends a high-power laser beam at the surface of the rock, rapidly heating the rock to hundreds of degrees Celsius. High power laser combined with mechanical bit. The thermal shock causes the rock's surface to produce several millimetres of "rupture" and softening, which makes it easier to remove the rock with a mechanical bit.
  • Metal 3 d printing Metal 3 d printing3 d printer adopts double laser, fiber laser is a kind of long wave, the other is a short wave of co2 laser, can print width less than 250 mm high, can print 8 cubic centimeters per hour, print material is stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel base superalloy and so on. This dual-laser metal constituency is a technology that melts 3D printers.