2020-05-13 / Max
Highlighting China's strength, Maxphotonics shines at Laser World of Photonics Exhibition in Munich, Germany!

The Biennial Laser World of Photonics Exhibition in Munich, Germany has come to a successful conclusion. The scene can be described as a battle for hegemony and a hundred flowers for brilliance. More than 1300 industry pioneer enterprises from 45 countries and regions.

Maxphotonics is deeply cultivating the domestic market, the strategic layout of the international market is also fully developed. This fair, Maxphotonics appeared in the iconic blue image. Every product on display at the scene has become the focus of attention.

At the Exhibition, in addition to the audience who came to consult, is our team partners busy figure!

Representing China's cutting-edge laser technology, independently developed and produced by Maxphotonics.

Ultra high power 25000W multi-module cw fiber laser, high power 4000W single module cw fiber laser attracted many industry elites to come to understand.

This makes the Chinese laser brand with the opportunity to shine on the world stage, it can show the strength of Chinese laser to the world.

In the future, laser in human development and people's lives will play an increasingly important role, laser technology is also constantly exploring and innovating.

Maxphotonics will continue to take on the responsibility of strengthening China's laser power, ride the wind and waves, stride forward, let the world manufacturer use Chinese laser technology!

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