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Maxphotonics Delivered the First Batch of 30KW

In 2020, 400+ units of Maxphotonics 10KW class CW fiber lasers have been shipped to end customers across the country and the world. Among them, 20KW and 30KW occupy a certain proportion.

Recently, Bodor Laser, the strategic partner of Maxphotonics, has begun to deliver the world's first batch of 30KW cutting equipment (equipped with Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser) to the end users, indicating that the market demand for ultra high power CW fiber lasers are being stimulated.

Although the market demand continues to grow and the output continues to increase, Maxphotonics always maintains strict requirements for product stability and quality.

Maxphotonics not only has to carry out layer-by-layer inspections before leaving the factory, but also undergo various tests after arriving at the integrator factory.

Maxphotonics regards quality as the lifeline of enterprise development, and runs through the technical design and process standards of 30KW CW fiber laser with rigorous spirit.

From self-produced core components, supplied parts to laser module assembly and integrate the whole machine, a variety of tests are required in the process.

Bodor Laser also regards quality as the core soul of enterprise development. According to the engineer's introduction: After Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser arrives at Bodor’s factory, R&D and application engineers need to conduct performance tests, batch tests, and limit tests on it.

The assessment of items includes the cutting speed, cutting effect test, and stability test of different materials and different thickness plates. Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser has passed the initial test after all test items meet the requirements.

(After completing all test procedures for Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber lasers, if their performance meets the consistency requirements, Bodor engineers will integrate the best effect cutting speed of various sheet thicknesses into a process package and attach it to the equipment system for end users can quickly adjust parameters for daily processing.)

For industry pioneers, every step of new products, new technologies, and new processes is something that no one else can refer to. There is no previous experience to learn from, and can only find a new way on our own. Maxphotonics and Bodor Laser are both pioneers in their respective fields.

It is inevitable that they will encounter various problems during the 30KW performance test. Fortunately, with the tireless discussion and research of engineers from both sides, the problem was solved.

According to Bodor Laser engineer's memory, in the process of studying the glossy surface process of cutting carbon steel thick plates with 30KW CW fiber laser, he discussed with the engineers of Maxphotonics R&D Center several times to solve the problem.

Finally, through the research of nozzles, changed the conventional double layer to the SP series single Layer, reduce the nozzle heating, the cutting focus can be higher, achieve a better effect of the cutting surface.

In addition, combined with customer needs, we have also developed a new fast cutting process for customers who have low requirements on the end face but pursue processing efficiency.

In terms of extreme cutting, the cutting range of 30KW can be from 70mm to 180mm. In addition to increasing the laser power, the gas pipeline has also been improved to increase the flow rate to ensure smooth slag discharge.

▲40mm Glossy surface carbon steel                 ▲45mm Glossy surface carbon steel                

▲180mm Stainless steel

In response to user feedback that dust is likely to enter the cutting head, the laser output head heating and the crystal is easy to bump and cause breakage during the installation of the 10KW class laser head.

Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser adopts the self-developed integrated LOE laser output head which can help users avoid this problem perfectly, dual water cooling design of the integrated LOE laser output head can quickly take away the heat generated in the process of cutting highly reflective materials, realize continuous anti reflection treatment, greatly increase the 30KW CW fiber laser cutting highly reflective performance.

Regarding the complicated laser wiring, troublesome wiring, and complicated operation and control proposed by customers, Maxphotonics integrates the EtherCAT bus control technology system.

Only one network cable is needed to control the laser, feedback status, and diagnose faults. It can also be controlled in real-time with a mobile phone. The signal has high accuracy, strong stability, and easy maintenance.

▲Mobile phone synchronously control laser parameters

The stability of laser equipment is the most concerning point for customers, which is related to whether the factory production can continue to be processed stably.

Maxphotonics controls the stability of the 30KW CW fiber laser from the source such as R&D and design, core components, and process optimization. Bodor Laser will conduct stability tests after completing the conventional project test and process development of Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser, carry out 15-day end user simulation batch processing in the factory, and send the laser to the end user factory for 3-6 months of processing observation.

Internal simulation batch processing includes batch cutting and dense punching. The simulation batch cutting requires continuous cutting of 6-8m plates, and changing parts of different shapes to intersect and cut. Dense punching requires more than 1,000 rapid perforations on a sheet, only when the blast hole rate of multiple boards test is less than two thousandths, the laser can be considered as successfully passed the internal examination.

External observation is to send relevant technical engineers to the end user's factory to collect data and information about the laser's operating conditions, and with stand the high-intensity and stringent assessment from the end user's.

After withstanding the high-intensity and rigorous assessment from the end users, Maxphotonics 30KW CW fiber laser can be considered as pass.

▲Continuous cutting test

▲Rapid perforation test

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