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Maxphotonics Launched the First Made-in-China EtherCAT Bus Laser

After Maxphotonics successfully promoted the 10,000-watt laser nationwide, the customers were very pleased to share with us the gains that the 10,000-watt laser brought to them. But some problems were also mentioned, such as complicated laser wiring harness and troublesome wiring, and the operation control is cumbersome.

In response to these problems, the marketing department gathered and feedback to the R&D department, and came up with a solution as quickly as possible.

At present, Maxphotonics has combined the mainstream industrial Ethernet EtherCAT technology to launch the first made-in-China laser equipped with the EtherCAT bus. It is also the first Chinese domestic laser brand to implement this technology, it only needs a network cable to control it, and it has passed the actual operation test of the cutting platform and will be put into the market soon.

Whether it is Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things, it requires a high degree of networking and strong communication capabilities between the equipment and the server. High-speed, efficient, and safe industrial Ethernet is the basic guarantee for a smart factory.

Compared with the traditional industrial fieldbus, the EtherCAT bus control system has many advantages such as high stability, high real-time performance, high integration, strong scalability, and easy installation.

Maxphotonics EtherCAT bus laser integrates bus communication and laser control functions. Support EtherCAT bus, Ethernet bus, RS232, RS485 and other electrical interfaces, support DC and FreeRun two communication methods. The control mode supports EtherCAT bus and EtherCAT bus plus PWM hybrid control.

At present, the adaptation work of many laser master station systems at home and abroad has been completed, and the power-on and laser-emitting control has been completed such as Fagor, Shanghai Friendess, Beckhoff, KPA, Acontic, etc.

The application of EtherCAT bus products can be simply divided into the following steps:

Advantages of EtherCAT bus laser:

1.Simplify wiring and reduce costs

The control signal of the EtherCAT buslaser is transmitted by the bus, which reduces the amount of wire used, and thewiring is simpler and the cost is lower;

Bus socket

2.Convenient debugging and simple operation

The laser control system of the EtherCATbus integrates the functions of light control, status feedback, and faultdiagnosis. There is no need to operate multiple software for collaborativeconfiguration. The main interface can directly adjust the laser parameters, andthe mobile phone can also be operated;

Parameters can be adjusted synchronously on the mobile phone

3. High signal accuracy and strongstability

TheEtherCAT bus has real-time communication and synchronization, which can realizethe real-time two-way transmission of operating data between the controller andthe laser, improve the accuracy and stability of equipment operation, and hashigh transmission efficiency and strong anti-interference;

4. High compatibility

High-performance and flexible EtherCAT, itsfull openness can support more equipment manufacturers, even if the systemintegrator purchases accessories of different brands, it can be perfectlyadapted and easier to build a laser system;

5. Easy maintenance

The bus has a fault self-diagnosis functionwhich can accurately locate the error point and reduce the troubleshootingtime.

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