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Laser Protection Precautions on Summer
Summer is coming, with rising temperatures and frequent rainfall. While doing a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, we also remind everyone to give the laser a suitable environment to spend the rainy season and the hot days.
When the laser cooling water temperature is set lower than the dew point temperature, condensation may occur. Condensation can cause damage to the electrical and optical components of the laser, or even cause component failure. To avoid condensation, the environmental conditions of the laser must be within certain limits.

Environmental requirements:
1. The working temperature of laser: 10 ℃-40 ℃;
2. The humidity of laser working environment: 10%-80%;

How to prevent laser condensation:
1. The ambient temperature of the independent space where the laser is placed is lower than 35 ℃;
2. The ambient humidity of the independent space where the laser is placed is less than 60%;
3. It is recommended to use a sealed design for the equipment cabinet, and install an industrial air conditioner to keep the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, which can effectively avoid the laser condensation;

4. The high-power laser can build an air-conditioned room separately under the conditions that allow the laser to effectively avoid condensation in this environment;

5. When the ambient temperature and humidity are too high, there will be a dehumidification process of about 30 minutes when the laser is turned on. This is normal, and the laser can be restarted after the condensation alarm is lifted;

6. The cooling water temperature requirements of the laser QBH interface are relatively loose. The dual-temperature dual-control chiller can be appropriately adjusted to set the water temperature higher than the dew point, but the temperature of the set water temperature should not be higher than 30 ℃

7. When the equipment is disabled, please turn off the laser and water cooler at the same time.

What should I do if the laser has condensation?
1. If the laser is found to have condensation, it should be stopped immediately;
2. Wipe the condensed water on the laser shell clean, and then start the laser work after the condensation is eliminated;

3. Cooling and dehumidifying the environment to reach the required area;

Laser protection in rainy days in summer:
There are many thunderstorms in summer. To avoid the damage of the laser in rainy days, please disconnect the main power of the laser, and do the advanced treatment of the electric control cabinet, laser, and chiller to prevent the huge maintenance cost caused by the water. In the low-lying workshops of the plant, personnel should be on duty to carry out flood control and waterlogging and minimize property losses. If the equipment is wading, do not blindly power on the test.
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