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Maxphotonics Co., Ltd.

Maxphotonics has 15 years of high power fiber laser and optical passive components research and development production experience, is the first domestic fiber lasers, high power optical passive components localization of two types of core technology and vertical integration of enterprises.


MOPA fiber laser peak power up to 26 kw, produced the M - QBH affordable power output up to 20 kw output connectors, chong xin laser major breakthroughs in research of fiber laser reliability, the reliability of products reach the international leading level.



At present all required core device of high power fiber laser, in addition to optical fiber, pump source, 2 kw high power output connector, 10 kw high-power collimator, being pumped beam splitter, power and beam splitter, fiber optic isolator, acousto-optic q-switched, mirror, such as core optical passive components, have produced, and the performance reached world leading level, these advantages for gen xin provides enough the cost of quality control and new product launch speed protection.