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Service Policy

After-sales service

1, Maxphotonics promise to replace new machine within three month from the date of purchase due to quality problems.
2, 24 months warranty. Maxphotoncis provide free maintenance within the warranty due to quality problems. If the product is out of the warranty period, customers should pay the repairing fee.
3, The pulsed laser was repaired not less than 3 times under the warranty period due to quality problem. The warranty can be extended 2 months more on the basis of original warranty. High power CW laser can be extended 2-6 months more according to the true situation.
4, The products can be returned to Maxphotonics to repair if broken within the warranty period. Both parties bear the 50% cost for sending back. If Maxphotonics can not be repaired in 7 working days , we will provide customers with a replacement machine to be replaced. Maxphotonics will not provide free repair and replacement if the products damaged by human reasons or products failure caused by unauthorized demolition under warranty period.
5, Chong Xin laser will repair the laser repair equipment, for a period of 6 months of free warranty, more than 6 months by pay maintenance processing.
6, related to the pre-sale technical support category of technical service fees by 800 yuan / person / day calculation.

After-sales service

After-sales Service

1. All of our machines warranty for one year since productions time.
2. Our technician can offer free training in our workshop, welcome to visit our factory.
3. Our technicians can offer online training and service directly to you.
4. Our technicians can go to your place and offering service or training, but need you to bear all charges