Company Profile
Innovation and technology are the cornerstones of our development. After 16 years of unremitting exploration in device and laser technology, the variety of products that change the industry structure have been realized, and vertical integration of fiber lasers and optical devices has been realized. We adhere to the belief that "products are character, quality is life", and take product stability and reliability as important as "personality" and "life".
We look forward to working with all laser practitioners to compose a new chapter in a more magnificent laser application and create a new era of laser equipment.
Our History
Consolidate the foundation of laser technology
2004 - Maxphotonics was formally founded
            Customized optical devices and light source products for scientific research institutes
2007 - Developed the first 2W Erbium-doped fiber amplifier in China
2009 - Realize the vertical integration of fiber laser and core optical device core technologies
Realize the industrialization of fiber lasers and optical passive devices
2010 - Maxphotonics was rated as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
2013 - 500W CW fiber laser released
            Second place in the Growth Group of National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
2014 - 800W CW fiber laser released
            The No.1 manufacturer in pulsed fiber laser market share in China
Promote the localization of fiber lasers
2016 - 1500W single module CW fiber laser released
            2000W & 3000W multi module CW fiber laser released
2017 - 4000W-10000W CW fiber laser released
            Maxphotonics academician expert workstation established
2018 - 2000W & 3000W single module, 12000W-15000W multi module CW fiber laser released
            10000 watt-level combiner, LOE, and other high-power devices have been successfully developed
Committed to becoming a pioneer of domestic ultra-high power industrial lasers
2019 - 4000W single module & 25000W multi module CW fiber laser obtained national science and technology achievement certification in March
            5000W single module & 35000W multi module CW fiber laser released in May
2020  - The first made-in-China 40000W fiber laser released
            The first made-in-China EtherCAT bus laser released
MAX Industry Park
Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd.
Address:Maxphotonics Industrial Park, 3rd Furong Road, Furong Industrial Area, Shajing, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China.518125
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