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Maxphotonics Activity of the Quality Month-Laser Manufacturer

Maxphotonics Activity of the Quality Month


Maxphotonics started raising awareness in 2004 and originally celebrated in September.


Why do we need a Maxphotonics Quality Month?

“The purpose of Maxphotonics Quality Month is to promote the use of quality tools in producing , R&D etc. Quality tools, such as flowcharts and checklists, reduce mistakes and help produce superior products. Quality principles could reduce headline-making errors. Quality Month calls on people who use quality tools to share their knowledge by submitting their stories to illustrate the value of quality principles.”

Meanwhile, the aim is to improve the quality awareness of all staff.



MAX Laser, Max Quality

Through extensive testing and research, Maxphotonics works hard every day to ensure only the highest quality laser make it to the market.


ESD project

Keeping track of the quality to ensure that it is always at its best.

The topic of the Quality Month is ESD project. To take the random inspection on ESD so that the procedures are strictly in order.

ESD teams:

 Team A: Operational Implementation Team

 Team B:  Monitoring Group/Team

Maxphotonics Quality Month –aim to learn and share

Hosted a special team meeting at work and recognize Maxphotonics Quality Month. The meeting summarized what the organization has done throughout the year to support quality and what future goals/objectives include. The participants found the root cause of the problem that was contributing to broken parts and other failures.

They attend the training of ESD project, combined theory with practice to get more familiar with the ESD protection.

The participants from different departments attend the training. Maxphotonics hold the summarization convention, and award the excellent staff.

Keep up with the principle for World Quality, Maxphotonics Quality Month isn’t something we should only recognize for one month during the year. Continuous improvement is, in fact, the core of what quality means.

Continue with regular training of all staff in various quality principles and keep everyone in the organization informed regarding quality initiatives and progress.

Setup a Maxphotonics Quality Month planning committee to organize events for next year!

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