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The Influencing Factors And Effect Measurement Of Laser Cutting

In the laser processing equipment market, laser cutting is the most important application technology, in 2015,the sales quantity of laser cutting machine about 3000 units in China , it has become increasingly obvious that laser cutting machine replaced shears, punch machine, following the most popular laser marking applications in current market, It is expected that   high-end, high power laser cutting machine with the charactristics of high cutting speed, high precision, thick plate and large cutting format has greater room for growth.


The influencing factors of laser cutting processing

In the process of laser cutting, the laser beam emitted by the laser source is collimated and focused (focus) by the focus lens of cutting head, the operator must ensure that the processing laser beam is at the center of the nozzle,  and adjust the distance between the nozzle and the surface of plate (depends on the thickness of plate), the high pressure gas from the nozzle assist with the laser beam to complete the cutting. The main influencing factors as follows:

1. Focus diameter

Small diameter, narrow incision, thin cutting thickness; large diameter, wide incision, thick cutting thickness.

2. Focus position

Determines the size of the workpiece surface and the shape of the incision; the best location depends on the type and thickness of the material.

3. Power

Affect the thickness of the cutting plate; affect the processing efficiency and deformation.

4. Cutting speed

Need to match the power, gas flow, too small will lead to the formation of impermeable or burr.

5. Nozzle diameter.

Small diameter, suitable for thin sheet cutting; large diameter, suitable for thick plate cutting.

6. Gas

The purity of the gas affects the formation of burrs and the oxidation of the cutting surface; the gas flow, the thinner the plate, the greater the air pressure.

7. Laser beam mode

Maxphotonics laser power less than 1500w is single mode, above 1500w is multi mode. Single mode laser has good effect for cutting thin plate, multi mode laser has large spot, energy distribution, better for cutting thick plate.


Mesuring standard for laser cutting effects

In the face of wide range of processing materials, flexible processing of the shape, laser cutting equipment can be better qualified for complex processing requirements, as the high speed, high precision, high quality to meet the needs of automotive, aerospace, health care, plastics, electrical and electronics, textiles And other industry application. The cutting effect can be measured mainly from the following aspects:

(1) Roughness

Cutting edge of more or less left the lines, the depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the lines, the lower the roughness, the smoother the surface. In general, the thinner material, the lower the cutting surface roughness; the lower the surface roughness with nitrogen or argon cutting than oxygen cutting.

(2) Verticality

Since the cutting beam is focused by focus lens and the beam is divergent, which results in inconsistent spot sizes at different depths in the thickness direction of the material at the time of cutting (especially at the time of cutting of the slab), resulting in a failure of the cutting surface to the surface of the sheet Absolute 90 °, or the upper surface is wider or the lower surface is wider. In general, the thinner the material thickness, the better the vertical; the better the beam quality, the better the verticality. In addition, it is also related to the relative position of the spot focus and the material thickness direction.

(3) Burr

Excellent cutting, cutting edge should be no burr, it needs subsequent processing for the existance of burr. This is related to the process parameters of the specific process, the type of material and the quality of the beam.

(4) Deformation

Since the essence of laser cutting is thermally cut, the sheet is inevitably deformed, and excellent cutting should be minimized as a result of the adverse effects. Special attention should be paid to sheet cutting. In general, the faster the cutting speed, the narrower the gap, the greater the gas flow, the smaller the amount of deformation.

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Maxphotonics 500W-1500W single-mode continuous fiber laser adopts the water-cooling method, which has high power, ideal beam quality, maintenance-free and high electro-optical conversion efficiency. It can be used for the cutting, welding, drilling of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, Welding, drilling, applied for the industrial fields of the sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliances manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and other fields.

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