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Maxphotonics won the “Best Laser Technology Innovation Award” from OFweek 2018

Hosted by OFweek China , OFweek  hosted the "OFweek 2018 14th China Advanced Laser Technology and Application Seminar and the 'Weike Cup' Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony" on September 18th in Shanghai Hongqiao Jinguyuanhao  Hotel .


This seminar will help smart manufacturing, focus on intelligent, high-end laser field, interpret industry reality and analyze cutting-edge technology. Academician Yao Jianwei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Shanghai Laser Technology Research Institute, Zhao Quanzhong, deputy director of the Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute, and Yang Shanglu, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and brought wonderful ideas. Keynote speech. More than 300 participants gathered to discuss the latest hot spots and share technology insights.

12 keynote speeches, 12 insightful industry directions and technical messages: ultra-fast lasers in high-precision machining applications, laser-finished light sources and processing technology, high-brightness semiconductor lasers in industrial processing, lasers Brittle materials, 3C electronic advanced manufacturing, smart phone manufacturing, automotive lightweight applications, laser cleaning technology, laser cutting solutions. The atmosphere was lively and the audience interacted with the guests frequently.


After the rich keynote speech, it was the “OFweek 2018 ‘Vico Cup’ China Laser Industry Annual Awards Ceremony”.

The OFweek  is one of the most influential authoritative media in the laser industry. The “OFweek 2018 Weike Cup” selection event is intended to recognize outstanding products, technologies, companies and people with outstanding contributions in the laser industry, and encourage more companies to invest in technology. Innovate and build an orderly and benign market development environment for the laser industry. It has been held for six consecutive years. The event has attracted wide attention from the industry with its fair and objective selection process. It has become the most professional, influential and representative industry selection in China's high-tech field!

The "Weike Cup" has set up seven awards, including lasers, laser processing systems, laser instruments and equipment, laser components and components, laser industry applications, the most growing companies, laser outstanding figures and so on. During the two-month election period, a number of brand owners in the laser industry actively participated in the evaluation of corporate products and brand style, which is a major event of the year.

The entire selection process requires three rounds of online voting, expert group review and comprehensive evaluation by the organizing committee. The expert jury consists of major investment institutions, associations, institutions, incubation platforms and famous investors, with a fair and objective position. Discuss and screen the participating products/technologies.

After experiencing fierce competition in the whole network voting, expert group evaluation, and comprehensive evaluation of the organizing committee, Maxphotonics won the “Weike Cup” Best Laser Technology Innovation Award with 12000W high-power multimode continuous fiber laser.



Award products

Maxphotonics's 12000W ultra-high power multimode continuous fiber laser uses an original cooling method to effectively improve heat dissipation efficiency. At the same time, the software control and hardware design are combined to greatly enhance the "brain power" of the device, realizing real-time monitoring of the full dynamic of the laser, ensuring that the equipment is in normal working condition, improving the stability of long-term work of the equipment, and ensuring the normal production of the enterprise. And it realizes the solution of cutting, welding or marking different materials without replacing the output joints, and adapts to the difficult application requirements of ultra-thick sheet processing, super-hard material processing and ultra-high speed processing.


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