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Join hands in a new era – Maxphotonics 15th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Meeting and New Product Launch Conference

Join hands in a new era – Maxphotonics 15th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Meeting and New Product Launch Conference


Fifteen years of epoch-making leaps and bounds


On March 19th, Maxphotonics held the “Maxphotonics 15th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Meeting and New Product Launch Conference” in Shanghai. It gathered more than 500 government departments, partners, industry associations and media on the eve of the eve of the Shanghai LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA.







The guests signed in one after another


Mr. Wu Huapeng, Director of Maxphotonics Marketing Department, interviewed by the media


Determined to change the pattern

Mr. Jiang Feng, Chairman of Maxphotonics, first gave a speech at the press conference. He reviewed the fact that Maxphotonics was established 15 years ago. He pointed out that innovation and technology are the cornerstone of Maxphotonics development. In the fifteen years, Maxphotonics is in the device and laser technology. With the unswerving exploration, we have today's industry status and today's three heavyweight products with heavy industry changes!


He also pointed out that cost-effective products and services are another key to Maxphotonics development! Maxphotonics regards product performance as stable and reliable as a product that is as important as "personality" and "life". Only by putting all your efforts and sincerity into the product and creating a product that touches you can finally touch and win customers!


At the end of the speech, he did not forget to call on all laser practitioners to work together to create a new era of more magnificent laser applications and jointly create a new era of localization of laser equipment!


Mr. Jiang Feng, Chairman of Maxphotonics, delivered a speech


Mr. Chen Chunming, deputy head of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, delivered a speech


Maxphotonics has been working closely with major research institutes for many years. Just as Mr. Zhang Long, deputy director of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics, delivered a speech at the press conference: Shanghai Opto-mechanical Institute has a long-term friendly cooperation with Maxphotonics. In particular, there is deep cooperation in high-power laser raw materials and laser intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, Director Zhang is very much recognized by Maxphotonics 's contribution to promoting the industrialization of the laser industry. SG will continue to strengthen cooperation with Maxphotonics and continue to explore new deep cooperation models.


Mr. Zhang Long, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics delivered a speech


Ms. Lin Xuemei, Managing Director of China State-owned Capital Venture Capital, as a representative of Maxphotonics, delivered a speech: Guofeng Investment, the second largest shareholder of Maxphotonics, is China’s largest investment fund under the SASAC and is committed to investing in national technology. Progress and industrial upgrading affect major industries and industries! Guofeng Investment will fully support the development and innovation of Maxphotonics in the industry, and will coordinate the important upstream and downstream enterprises of Maxphotonics to promote the progress and development of the domestic laser industry to a greater extent!


Ms. Lin Xuemei, Managing Director of Guoxin Venture Capital Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


In addition, Mr.Fred coppinger, the world's leading laser chip supplier, Lumentum Operations LLC, USA, also delivered a speech at the meeting. He introduced the global advancement and wide application of Lumentum products! In particular, it emphasizes that the cooperation with Maxphotonics has a long history. Maxphotonics has adopted the top chip of their company from small power and small batch production in 2013. Until now, all the products have adopted the same performance chip as Japanese amada. At the same time, he emphasized that Maxphotonics is the only laser company in China that uses Lumentum chips in batches!


His introduction is in line with Maxphotonics 's implementation and adherence to the concept of Chairman Jiang Feng on the raw materials of lasers: raw materials are the character of enterprises, and technology is the ability of enterprises. We would rather lose the ability and never lose character!


Mr.Fred coppinger delivered a speech



Ultra high power, full pilot


The first M5-BOX laser, highly integrated fiber laser, 8mm high-speed galvanometer, power supply, industrial computer, genuine marking system, integrated, minimalist subversion, creating a unique 1>5 in lightness, flexibility and speed The advantage is to become the world's smallest, lightest, high speed, high flexibility, ultra cost-effective fiber laser.


By matching different brackets, 360° rotary marking and Z-direction and Y-direction laser marking can be used to meet the marking requirements of workpieces of different sizes and heights. The 360° rotation of the cross arm and the forward and backward movements are the first of the Maxphotonics, providing users with a laser marking experience with 360° no dead angle and a wider range and more flexibility.





The small and sophisticated M5-BOX laser kicked off the launch of the new product launch conference, and poured out the high-power single-module 4000W made by more than 30 research and development personnel at home and abroad for 2 years, with its ultra-high thin-plate cutting ability and thick The processing performance of the board is truly "small heart, strong power", light and powerful, stunning the audience.

Lightning cut: The cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel sheet is more than 110m/min, and the processing speed and effect of 10mm thick carbon steel remain the same as that of multimode 4000W laser.

Second perforation: 20mm carbon steel with the fastest 1.6 seconds perforation, no blast holes.

High level: China's first national metrological certification and international recognition, CMA China Metrology Accreditation, Examination and Accreditation (CAL), and obtained the CNAS China National Laboratory Accreditation Mark, the ILAC International Mutual Recognition Joint Mark, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Scientific and Technological Achievements Registration Certificate.




More stable and no worries: long-term output power instability is less than 1%, reserve about 15% of power margin, flexible adjustment of pump current in the field through software, restore laser power, completely solve the power drop Customer worries.

Layout device construction cost advantage: relying on Maxphotonics comprehensive layout in key core technology fields such as high-power single-module, ultra-high power combining technology and ultra-high power output head technology, achieving breakthroughs from devices and greatly increasing the cost of lasers Advantage.

Awarded by National Science and Technology Achievements: The Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Laser Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center carried out rigorous testing of four international certifications of CNAS, CMA, CAL and ILAC for ultra-high power 25000W, and successfully passed the national scientific and technological achievements certification. And obtained the certificate of scientific and technological achievements registration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is worth mentioning that the power of single-module and multi-mode products of Maxphotonics Pre-research has reached 6000W and above 40,000W respectively.




Million rewards

The dinner celebration officially kicked off with an inspiring performance of the "New Era of Dynamics".








Over one million value gift feedback partners, including 50 Xiaomi Mix2S mobile phones, 20 Xiaomi Air notebook computers, 10 new M5-BOX lasers, 2 2000W single-module fiber lasers, and 1 high-power 4000W single-module fiber laser The audience was enthusiastic.





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