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Great Laser Source Comes Out from Strict Quality Control: How the MAXPHOTONICS High Power Fiber Laser Sources are Produced

Great Laser Source Comes Out from Strict Quality Control: How the MAXPHOTONICS High Power Fiber Laser Sources are Produced

It’s just a start of pursing extreme quality product when the company promoted the quality control center into the first level department from second level department in 2017.


“Product equals to personality, quality equals to life”—this belief is not only firmly anchored in our production staff’s awareness but also carried out totally in every production procedure. From product design to customer using, we established a full-chain, all round, and closed-loop quality management system. With the purpose of guaranteeing product reliability and quality preciseness, MAXPHOTONICS consistently implement quality management, quality control and quality improvement on Project establishment, product positioning, customer requirements, supplier selection, production process, shipment and other links to meet best quality requirements. 


After more than one year’s aggressive and top-down implementation of quality control, the launch of MAXPHOTONICS high power fiber laser source was brought into sharp focus. Back to the quality management, they are also one of the most attentive products of MAXPHOTONICS. 


     Middle Power and High Power Fiber Laser Source Series

R&DGrasping the Key Points of Quality Control from the Origin

For the product quality control, we grasp the key points of quality control from the R&D, and develop the method to improve the design quality. During early stage of R&D, we will have a verification on the new design and formulate property test standards and reliability verification schemes which will be done risk control and design evaluation by professional product development committee to intercept potential design quality risks.

 After every new project establishment, Our research team will set up detailed developing plan based on product characters and market requirements and then do the design verification and manufacture verification on optics, structure, electricity, software, design according to the developing plan. During R&D period, our engineers will set relative precautionary after considering all potential risks and failure modes, and then fix them into indication documents to be important information for further reliability of product design. Every R&D period was finished after actual data testing, collecting and analyzing. It will come into next step after test pass and documents submitted. The connection of every rigorous link makes the MAXPHOTONICS products with extreme quality.



R&D Reliability Test: 360 ° Absolutely Strict Verification

Under the Goal Orientation of Quality First, and after exploration together, repeated verification, we established a rigorous and reliable enterprises standard to make product quality have a standard basis. Focusing on high power laser source products performance, we implemented extreme test on relative self-produced and outsourcing material, optical parts, semi-products and ready-made products to find quality weakness of relative link to make sure zero NG products after technology improvement. 


We don’t stop only in internal reliability test but also have introduced long term cooperation with more than 10 third-party organizations such as CEPREI, CTI and so on to carry out product CE certification test, high frequency vibration test, reliability failure analysis etc, which is to make sure internal and external multi-party guarantee, and truly achievement on product stability and reliability.



Optical Testing Center: NO Defective Optical Material on Line

In Oct, 2017, according to company comprehensive plan, we introduced some equipment over millions, established optical test center more than 300 square meters, employed 4 professional engineers and 30 experienced tester to do all round test for core optical parts and material before going to production line. Fiber, gratings, crystals, energy combination and other core optical parts need to be strictly screened on high power test platform before they are going to production line which is for making sure zero defective parts. Any defective parts will be strictly returned to ensure the production line with good condition and great product quality.  


Control of Production Process: Precaution and Process Determine Quality 


We formulate improvement program based on our study on all kinds of mode, causes and risks of production failure and analysis on production process from diversified aspects such as personnel, facility, material and norms etc, and side by side, strive to achieve the standardization through continuous improvement of the production process.


Personnel: All workshop personnel shall at least hold college diploma and own three -year laser source manufacturing experience. To ensure every production process to meet the highest standard, the company organize half-a-year theoretical training on photology, electric circuits, structural engineering, electronics, software and 2-year series of application and hands-on training on welding, commissioning and testing for the workshop personnel.


Facility: The company introduce facilities such as the most advanced and latest welding machine, fiber stripping machine, dedicated diffusion knife, and coating machine, all of which are customized by world-renowned brands, and aim to product the most quality product with the best plant.

Material: We carry out strict review over the suppliers in accordance with the product quality requirement, lead in eligible suppliers for material procurement and formulate detailed material test standards with reference to international standards and industrial standard. We set up professional IQC team and introduce advanced equipment and devices to implement the test for material function, property, appearance and reliability to ensure entrance of eligible material. We have separate warehouse or division of material storage with different property, monitor the temperature and humidity of warehouse to meet the storage requirement, and ensure the storage safety of the material. To sum up, we are stringent to the control of every link of material from supplier’s selection, quality standard formation, material inspection and storage environment.


Norms: We achieve 360° following and control of the product assisting by the realization of digitalized and informatized production control starting from raw material mobilization, production process till product shipment, which enable the product quality to be more controllable and traceable, ensure the raw material and finish product to be within control and thus guarantee the product quality in an all-around way.



Environment: All the production process have been done in the dust-free workshop. We have more than 10-year experience of the purification of dust-free workshop, and arrange professional personnel who are responsible for the 24-hour monitoring of the workshop environment to follow the changes and avoid its bad effect on the production quality.


Average Working Interval: Product Vitality Prevail


Via calculating the average working interval on the basis of our test of the optical electrical circuit failure rate with reference to MTBF method, we are able to make sure the average working interval of core optical devices exceeds 300,000 hours and thus guarantee the average working interval exceeds 5 years.


  Core Optical Devices

FQC Pre-shipment Inspection: Test Lead to the Best


All the finish middle power and high power fiber laser source shall carry out simulate shipment test, cutting test and property test. Collision and bumping occurring during shipment are simulated during the test to make sure the finish machine can withstand diversified predictable extreme shipment environment, arriving at customer side without any defect.


Considering customer’s application demands, we also carry out cutting speed and cutting effect test for different materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, cooper, aluminum with different thickness. Over 50 property tests such as laser power, alarming test shall be carried out. If one test mentioned above fail to meet the standards, the laser source is not allowed for shipment.


Property Test for High Power Fiber Laser Source

Customer Claim Follow-up: Positive response promotes continuous improvement   


The Company set up Customer Department under Quality Center to follow up the product working condition at customer side. Three dedicated engineers are specially arranged to follow up customer’s claims. By putting forward improvement measures to solve customer individual problems in no time and pushing the R&D for product overall improvement, the company achieve overall effective quality control over the R&D and aftersales services. With only one year efforts of the Optical Test Center, the company realize to control faulty rate of the lower power fiber laser source within 1%, reaching world’s leading level, and greatly upgrade the stability of the middle power and high power fiber laser source. The company’s overall product quality marks a qualitative leap.


Maxphotonics’ quality improvement efforts will never stop. To deliver every product condensing our dedication and efforts, customer everywhere will truly understand the supreme sincerity behind our unaltered belief of “Quality equals to personality”.  

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