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Good news, strong voice. In July, Maxphotonics won three awards

Good news, strong voice. In July, Maxphotonics won three awards


Hot July, the news is frequent! With 15 years of profound research and development and innovation, Maxphotonics won 3 awards in one month, all the way!


Top 100 Chinese Science and Technology Enterprises in 2019

On July 8, 2019, at the China Enterprise Future Star and Science and Technology Top 100 Awards Ceremony, the "China Science and Technology Enterprise Top 100 List" first launched by "China Entrepreneur" magazine was officially announced. Maxphotonics was selected as one of the "Top 100 Chinese Science and Technology Enterprises" by virtue of its core technology strength, high industry recognition and strong development trend.


2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Award

On July 17-18, 2019, the laser industry-Junge Technology Innovation Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai. The laser innovation awards are divided into three major areas: laser equipment parts, laser processing systems, optical materials and components. Among them, Maxphotonics 3000W single-module continuous fiber laser won the "Laser Equipment Parts" technology innovation award. This award is designed to recognize innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions in the industry. Maxphotonics won this award and the “3000W single-module continuous fiber laser” has brought breakthrough development significance to the development of the laser industry.


The target of this competition is the innovative technology products launched in the Chinese market in 2017-2018. In March 2019, Maxphotonics single-module laser technology has exceeded 4000W and has obtained national scientific and technological achievements certification.


2018 Baoan District Innovation Top 100

According to the official news of Shenzhen Baoan District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, "2019 Baoan District Top 500 Enterprises List" was officially released, and Maxphotonics was listed in the list of top 100 enterprises in Baoan District, Shenzhen. This list is not only the recognition and encouragement of Maxphotonics by the government and all walks of life, but also fully reflects that Maxphotonics has achieved certain results in technology research and development and innovation.



Since its inception, Maxphotonics has always adhered to the development of science and technology innovation, through the successive approval of the "postdoctoral innovation practice base", "academician (expert) workstations, and the active introduction of high-end talents in the industry, etc., constantly research and development Innovation provides a constant stream of wisdom. At the same time, we have continuously consolidated the strength of the R&D team and achieved a number of innovative industries with core competitiveness through our own difficulties. At present, Maxphotonics has 239 domestic and foreign patents and 23 computer software copyrights.


Along the way, Maxphotonics speaks with strength and precipitates a number of laser technology innovations with core competitiveness. In the future, Maxphotonics will continue to improve its core technology and innovation capabilities and promote the rapid development of China's laser technology.

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